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Global Business Intelligence Supermarket

At Lead Lists Online, our mission is to provide you the absolute best value in the contacts~company data industry!

We Help You:

  • Increase Sales Revenue…Quickly – Via more sales leads, shorter sales cycles and more-effective customer & prospect communication.
  • Target Quality Prospects – Our lists provide direct-contact info of key executives (including email) and hard-to-find private companies as well.
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction – Our lists allow your people to focus on high-value activities, avoiding the mundane.
  • Lower Total Costs – We help lower both your short-term and long-term cost of Sales, Marketing / Business Development., Research, Operations, Hiring / Retaining Talent & more.

Lead Lists Online works extremely hard to provide the accurate and relevant data your business requires. Whether you are looking for critical, direct-contact data or standard company information, we have the list solutions for you.

We provide up-to-date information on millions of companies and contacts worldwide. You can purchase a list for Fortune 2000, IT-specific contacts within the U.S. only…or general company information for Europe or AsiaPac. With our logically-organized, super-aggressively priced databases, let us earn the right to your business.

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Why Choose Lead Lists Online?

  • Better Data – Very-accurate data (from many sources), consistent data-scrubbing and regular updates makes our data quality among the best in the industry.
  • Flat-Rate Database Pricing – Lead Lists Online saves you 40-85% up-front over cost-per-record pricing structures (almost every other data provider). The value of this pricing structure also grows with the size of the database. Very few data providers offer flat-rate prices, and we beat those hands-down!
  • Database Subscription (for data updates) – Instead of being forced to ‘re-up’ every year (effectively increasing by 2X/3X the cost of your initial database purchase), we can save you 90% on your 2nd year data updates and 95% for 3rd year data updates. No one else in the industry offers this!!
  • Simple and Flexible Database Options – Choose complete ‘People’ or ‘Company’ databases (broken out by org size), or you can purchase just a subset broken out by U.S. State, U.S. Region, Country (non-U.S.), Industry, Function/Group (e.g. HR, Finance, Sales) or by Title/Level (e.g. C-Level, mid-level mgmt., etc.).

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